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Holistic Mental Health Coaching + Energy Work

get unstuck + cultivate unshakable resilience

Are you interested in holistic, body-based support for anxiety, depression, trauma, or stress? 

Are you looking for mental health support while traveling or living abroad?

Are you seeking to optimize the health of your brain + body? 

Holistic Mental Health Coaching might be right for you if:

  • You want a strength-based, multifaceted approach to improving your emotional, physical, + spiritual health 

  • You're seeking to understand the mind-body connection

  • You're interested in learning about energy and how to balance your energy systems

  • You want to maintain continuity of care as you travel nationally + internationally

  • You want to increase your mindfulness and intentionality  


Home: Welcome

About me.

I'm Dr. Rachael, a therapist turned holistic mental health coach. Trust me, I get how exhausting is it to devote your life to hustling, only to feel overwhelmed and burnt out! I used to be a chronic over-achiever. I sought happiness, joy, and fulfillment by checking every box on my 'things to accomplish' list. I stayed 'busy' to avoid feeling the discomfort in my body. As a result, I MISSED many of the important things my body, mind, + emotions were trying to tell me!
This all changed when I got very curious about why I felt stuck and began to make empowered choices around: 
  • nourishment
  • movement
  • rest
  • mindset 
I made a conscious decision to TAKE BACK my power + create a purpose-driven life. As I began to heal, I started working with my energy, which helped to restore balance in my body. I am a mental health coach because I believe in everyone's innate ability to heal and RECOVER from struggle. I'm here to help YOU take back your power from pathology, prescription medication, and self-limiting beliefs. 
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Your time is now.

👉 mental health

👉 energy

👉 relationships +

👉 well-being!

Are you ready to optimize your...

You're in the right place. 

just waiting to be discovered.

Everything you need is already inside of you

Home: About

"If you are looking for someone who will offer genuinely caring and honest support, who will work with you at your own pace no matter what your goals or priorities are, I would recommend Rachael. She is dedicated, warm, and utilizes a creative approach to her work with clients. I have learned a lot about myself thanks to her and feel fortunate to have her as part of my support system. She is incredible."

What people say. 

Limited time offer.
(only 5 available)

For a VERY limited time, I'm offering 4 individuals a 4-session coaching package for $100! Package includes:
    👉 four 1:1mental health coaching sessions 
     👉 energy work (EFT - tapping)

     👉 supplemental resources
     👉 access to Dr. Rachael via text

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"What you seek is seeking you."

- RUMI -

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