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Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing.

It is gentle and safe spiritual healing energy; it is intuitive and only helps, never harms.


Dr. Rachael Muster,
Usui Reiki Master

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive, yet powerful form of energy healing therapy that supports a balanced flow of vital life force energy in the body. Lower amounts of vital life force energy in the body, for example due to emotional stress, physical illness or injury, can result in dis-ease in the body and disharmony in the mind. Higher amounts of vital life force energy promotes physical health and emotional happiness. Reiki works by deeply relaxing the nervous system, which allows for an enhanced flow of life force energy through the body. Reiki supports your body in re-setting, re-storing and harmonizing itself. Having a Reiki session is always beneficial, whether you are feeling low in energy or already feeling balanced. Reiki adjusts for your unique needs, will never do harm and will always help!


Your Reiki Session takes place via Zoom, in the comforts of your own home. During the Reiki session, Dr. Rachael Muster, Usui Reiki Master, will channel Universal Reiki Healing Energy for you. Reiki energy is supremely intelligent and knows exactly what your body, mind and spirit needs for your benefit! Your only job is to intentionally choose to receive the universal healing energy for your highest good!

During the Reiki session, your body becomes very relaxed and at peace. Some people feel the energy flowing through their bodies. Some will feel various sensations such as tingling, or temperature and pressure changes. Some people feel as if they are floating on water, while others will see colors and have revelations come to them. All sessions are different and all experiences are equal. Rest assured that your experience is exactly perfect for you, and that Reiki is working deeply and powerfully to help you heal at the root levels of any imbalances. You may also find more benefit in receiving more than one session. Follow your intuition.

Pink Lotus Flower

Reiki Healing 

It is important to arrive to your Reiki session with an intention. You can bring one of your own, or choose from the following intentions:

Stress release + anxiety reduction

Vision + clarity

Emotional support + well-being

Spiritual growth

Rebalancing of your energy system

Alignment with your life purpose

Strengthen the immune system

Transforms negative thought patterns

Shift addictive behaviors 

Healing grief

Enhance your intuition

Improve meditation abilities

*Reiki is not a substitute for medical care or professional mental health support. However, it will support and enhance any form of treatment.

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